Phonics at Birklands

Phonics is one of the many skills needed to become a reader and writer. We aim to give children the best possible start on their reading/writing journey by teaching them the essential phonological/phonemic skills and knowledge to decode and encode words independently from the outset. At the point of reading/writing, children will use phonics as their first strategy to read and spell unknown words until it is embedded and automatic for them. We recognise that the development of spoken language and the enjoyment and comprehension of quality literature go hand in hand to develop a lifelong love of reading and aim to nurture and develop these attributes alongside the phonics program.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop the children’s phonological awareness, ability to segment and blend words and read common exception words on sight- to become fluent readers! Our teaching at all levels includes:

  • Consistency in the approach to teaching phonics throughout EYFS and KS1 and KS2 where appropriate
  • Rigorous planning, assessment, and tracking
  • Daily whole class, group and individual work
  • Tricky word vocabulary
  • Quality first teaching to support motivation
  • All staff are experts

We strive to ensure that all children leave our school reading and writing to the best of their ability. We aim that all children will have a good word recognition, language comprehension and they have a developed a lifelong love for reading.

At Birklands, we recognise the importance of a quality, well -structured phonics approach that gives children the essential skills to becoming a life-long reader. The teaching of phonics is through the 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revisited' programme. Children in Reception and KS1 receive daily phonics teaching which involves practicing previously taught sounds, learning a new sound, reading and writing using the new sound and then an activity which allows them to apply all their reading and writing skills.

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