Student Wellbeing

The school’s distinctive contribution to well-being is in excellent, personalised teaching and learning, ensuring all children achieve to their full potential. Helping children to do as well as they can in terms of educational attainment is fundamental to well-being because success at school and making a good transition at 16 to further education or training is strongly associated with positive outcomes in life – health, self confidence, good relationships and economic well-being. Conversely, those children and young people who fall behind at school, drop out at 16, or have poor educational outcomes have poorer prospects all round and are less likely to achieve economic well-being. Narrowing the attainment gap will be critical to tackling child poverty over the longer term. So excellent teaching and learning, to unlock the potential of every child, including disabled children, will continue to be the core business at Birklands Primary School. 

May 2024


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