Summer Term

During the Summer Term, Year 6 will be studying South America.

In English, the focus text 'The Explorer' will compliment the overarching geography theme. This book will be used as a vehicle in order to continue to develop pupils' comprehension skills and vocabulary development. Pupils will also focus on descriptive writing techniques as part of their immersion in the text.

We will then move on to a book study of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. This classic will provide the stimulus for a range of English activities.

Spring Term

During the Spring Term, Year 6 will be studying the effects of plastic pollution on the planet.

In English, the focus text ‘One Plastic Bag’ will complement our overarching geography theme. The book is a true, inspirational story about a group of women living in Gambia, who took it upon themselves to find a solution for the growing number of discarded plastic bags in their village. This book will be used as a vehicle to continue developing pupils’ comprehension skills. The unit will culminate with them writing a persuasive letter about the plight animals are facing as a result of plastic pollution.

Please see the 'related downloads' section for support with your child's home learning. Here you will find some useful knowledge organisers, which are valuable reference guides when completing homework tasks.

Stayed tuned for some examples of our wonderful work from this half-term...

Autumn Term

We have an exciting term ahead of us in Year 6!

In science, pupils will begin by studying Evolution and Inheritance. This will provide the basis for our overarching topic. In English, our core text: On the Origin of Species will be used as a stimulus for our reading and writing tasks. Pupils will develop their comprehension skills before composing a biography based on the life of Charles Darwin.

During the latter part of the Autumn Term, Year 6 will be studying World War Two. In History, they will work towards answering the overarching question: What were they fighting for? This popular topic will be launched by a visit to The National Holocaust Centre.

Our English work will all be taught through Emma Carroll’s incredible novel: Letters from the Lighthouse. Pupils will be fully immersed in this text and will work towards writing first person diary entries from the point of view of the characters they get to know as they journey through the book.