Wow work

I am so proud of you superstar year threes doing the same amazing work at home as you do in school!

Please send me your photos to and I will share them on this page.

We had some fantastic continuations of our 'Class of the Titans' stories, I love the effort you have put in with your publishing too.

'The Final War'- by Hunter English (click here to read)
'Crono's Escape'- by Emily Winterton:

Bethynie has written her own lovely story about a forest adventure. Eye spy one an old word of the day- can you find it?

Some of your VE day celebrations. I'm glad you were able to safely mark this occasion, it looks like you all had fun (in the sun)!

If you can't throw a party, draw one! This is Hunter's VE party...

Robbie has been missing school so much he did today's work in his uniform. We miss you too Robbie! Can't wait till you're all back in the classroom, keep smiling!

Image previewImage preview

Click here to look at Bethynie's powerpoint presentation full of amazing information about Ancient Greece- great research Bethynie!

Frankie's Greek shield, he even made an arrow shooting into it. Love the creativity!

The year 3 winner for the Mr. Brightman's book trailer competition is...

Bethynie Pritchard. Watch her beautiful trailer for 'The Velveteen Rabbit' here.

"True friendship never ends." I love it!

What an amazing poster to showcase your reserach on Ancient Greece Cohan, I can tell you have really been enjoying this topic.

As well as keeping busy with work, Jenson has been staying active during lockdown on bike rides (8.5 miles) and runs. Go Jenson go!

We've had some fantastic Greek vases today from Frankie, Bethynie and Jenson. Lovely artwork!

Wonderful work in every subject today Emily and Hunter, I am super impressed with you both!

Great research into Ancient Greece Hunter and Emily, I can tell you are enjoying this topic.

Emily completed some fantastic research about Ancient Greek clothing and then had a go at recreating it. I love it Emily, you look great!

This beautiful poem brought a tear to my eye Millie, such a special message that needs to be heard.

Image preview

Fabulous place value work today Emily! Don't have any counters? Tic tacs work just as well. So resourceful!

Thank you Allivia and Frankie for your posters about how to look after our teeth.

Image preview

Great steps to success poster Max, here is how you find the fraction of an amount:

Image preview

We had some super drawings of Miss. Root yesterday based on the book's descriptions. Here are Max, Emily and Jack's, loving the Mr. Whippy hair.

Image preview

Great science work Emily and Jenson M, hope you are enjoying our digestion topic.

Hunter's work on Florence Nightingale for Women's History Month, some great work practicing counting in tenths, followed by some Easter baking! They look delicious, save one for me!

Jenson had a very busy weekend learning amazing skills like making yorkshire puddings (an essential life skill!!) I love the skittle experiment too, art is all around us.

Great role on the wall Lewis!

Image preview

In between working hard on her spellings, writing, maths and topic, Millie-May has also been busy in the kitchen. Wow, they look delicious!

What a beautiful picture and message Allivia! Made me smile, can you make a rainbow to spread happiness? (Click here)

"Hope for the best" Image preview

If you had Matilda's magical powers, what would you do? Here's Max's story, I love your editing too Max. Year 3 imagine me screeching "Captial letters and full stops!" when you are working :)

Great fractions work Frankie, keep it up!

Image preview

I love that you have applied our learning in school to this topic work at home Hunter!

Do you recognise his story?

Bethynie has also been reduce, reuse and recycling in between maths and English work! She has made a potting table from old wood and old tin cans for pots, WOW!

Harrison has been keeping very busy with his work. Can't wait to see your research when you get back too!

Looking very professional Emily, mum's new work colleague!

Great times table score Caleb. Can you beat his fastest answer?

Jenson and Kian M smiles to brighten your day. Hard work in pyjamas, love it!

Bethynie's beautiful English, maths and topic work! Love your word of the day page.

The look of concentration- keep it up Times Table Rockstar! Keanna and Miley keeping very busy too!

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