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We will be focussing on the science topic 'light'. Each week you will be given 5 activities related to this and you can choose which activity you want to do on each day (you decide your own order).

We have made each task flexible- it doesn't always need to just be a written piece of work, you can present it in any way that you wish, be creative!

Here are some links to help you with this week's activities:

Thurs 7th & Fri 8th January  happy 2021 balloons

Here is a list of creative activities relating to the story we are looking at in English. Choose one to complete Thursday and another for Friday. Remember to send them to

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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You can read the book here or listen to it being read here.


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  • Junior School Councillors
    Congratulations to Hugo and Bella, who have been elected as Siskin's school councillors. (30/09/2020)

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