Book Trailer Competition

The overall winner of the book trailer competition was ...

Tyler Clarke from Kittiwake with his excellent book trailer for 'Captain Underpants.'

Tyler has won a book of his choice, as well as a delightful bookmark and certificate.

Check out his winning entry below

Y5 & Overall Winner: 'Captain Underpants' by Tyler Clarke

The winner from each class also wins a bookmark and a certificate - see below for the class winners:

Year 3: 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Bethynie Pritchard

Year 4: 'F2 World Class: How To Play Like A Pro' by Charlie Holland

Year 5: 'Captain Underpants' by Tyler Clarke

Year 6: 'Gangsta Granny' by Lexie Henson

Well done to everyone that took part, I really enjoyed all of your entries.

Mr. Brightman

Welcome to Mr.Brightman’s KS2 Book Trailer Competition!

What is a ‘Book Trailer?’

A book trailer is similar to a film trailer – a short video to persuade the viewer to read the story.

To give you an idea, here’s my book trailer about one of my favourite books, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien:

The Hobbit Book Trailer

What do I win?

The overall winner will win a book of their choice!

The winner from each class will win a certificate and a bookmark (limited edition as they are designed by me!)

How do I create one?

1. Pick one of your favourite books (or one that will be good to make a trailer about)

1. Go to Adobe Spark Video Maker

2. Start a new project

3. Name your trailer

4. On the ‘Pick a story template’ page, select ‘Make My Own’

5. Play the video tutorial to learn how to create your video

Video Tutorial

6. When your trailer is finished, click on ‘Share,’ copy the link and email it to me at

When is the closing date?

The competition will close on Monday 20th April at midday (after the Easter Holidays.)

I will announce the winner on Friday 24th April.

I am really looking forward to see what you come up with – good luck!

Miss you all,

Mr. Brightman

January 2022


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