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Week Beginning 23rd March

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday everyone. What a strange week its been but your emails and photos and helped lots!

Don't forget PE with Joe Wicks at 9am and Phonics with Mr Mc at 11. Links to these are in the menu on the left hand side of the page.


A video of the book can be found by clicking on the image below.


Your paper dolls were fantastic! Well done. Can you listen to the story again and think about the paper dolls that you made. If you didn't make any you could do that today. In the story the girl names her dolls like names like "Jim with 2 noses and Jill with a bow." What names could you give your dolls and why?

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Everyone, another sunny day!

I hope everyone is okay. Thank you so much for your brilliant emails that you sent yesterday and I love some of the photos I've been sent.

Good luck with todays challenges....


Make sure you tune into Mr Mc daily phonics lessons on youtube at 11am. Click here.


Can you click the image below to be taken to a video tutorial and an activity. Please only do the one in the image below as we will do the others on different days!


Click on the book below to listen to the story. Can you make your own paper dolls?

What will yours look like?

What are their names?

What happens to them?

Enjoy your activities!

Don't forget to email me! mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Robins!

First of all can I say a big thank you to all of those who have emailed me to let me know how you are getting on! I've received some fantastic photos of Robins working hard and I'm going to put them on the website later. If you have any questions or photos please send them to me at mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk .

You have three tasks today....

Your first task is to send me an email. In your email to me I would like to know which activities you have enjoyed. Once you've sent it look for my reply!

How many of these can you do? Don't forget to send me photos!

Number Hunt... Your challenge should you wish to accept it... Starting at 1 can you find the number written on something in your house or garden. When you have found number 1 you can move onto number 2! keep going to see how far you can go! Who will reach the highest number?

Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning Robins!

Because today is Tuesday it should be our PE day. Can you join me and take part in Joe Wicks PE workout? He is going to be doing it every day at 9am. Don't forget you can send me photos to mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk and I'll share them on this page.

Click the picture to go straight to the webpage!


I have registered all children on an online maths teaching program called Numbots. Numbots is from the same people who made Timestable Rockstars that is very popular with the older children in our school. I have sent a text with your childs username and password on to access the website. If you haven't received the text please email me at mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk

Click the image below to go straight to the numbots website!

Spread the happiness TV

Children may enjoy taking part in this each day. At school we love dough disco and this is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills in preparation for writing. I have listed a simple playdough recipe below.


The recipe will still work without the Cream of tarter although the dough won't be as shiny or last as long.

Monday 23rd March

Good Morning Robins!

Can you have a look at these websites and let me know which one you think is best?!


This website gives parents lots of free simple and fun ideas to promote all areas of learning.


Online games - some tablet friendly, but others need Flash.


Twinkl are offering parents free access to learning resources. I might use links in the home learning, but you will have access to this for your own ideas and activities.

To access the free offer, you will need to visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and log in as a new to Twinkl member using your email address, set up a password and use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS


Videos, games and activities linked to their favourite characters.


YouTube video clips from Mr T does phonics which includes Geraldine the Giraffe. Please review Phase 2 & 3 Phonics sounds, digraphs and trigraph learned so far.


Alphablocks videos to support phonics.


A website that gives you information, flash cards and games for phonics. We’re currently working at Phase 3.


Practice addition facts and number bonds.

You can let me know which is best by sending me an email to mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk

I'm looking forward to your emails!

Thursday 19th March

Good Morning everyone! It's true school is a lot quieter without you and not as fun!

Class 5 did work hard but definitely not as hard as you do!

Today I would like you to do some measuring like we have in class. I would like you to do some measuring using your hands or feet. Can you answer the following questions...

How many hands tall is an adult at your house?

How many feet long is a room at your house?

How many arms long is your sofa?

How many hands long is your bed?

Also a website that we use in phonics is now free to everyone! Its got some great games...


Wednesday 18th March

Good morning everyone, I hope you're all okay. School is going to be very quiet without you all! I'm going to teaching Class 5 today and I know they won't work as hard as you do!

Here is your job for today...

Can you write out the alphabet and find an object in your house for each letter?

Like this...

A - apple

B - book

C - carpet

D - Duplo brick

There will be extra points for objects that no one else has! Good Luck!

From Mr Cohen.

October 2020


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