Summer 2

Beside the sea

Week 1: Somebody Swallowed Stanley - Sarah Roberts

Week 2: Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister

Week 3: Barry the Fish With Fingers - Sue Hendra

Week 4: The Snail and the Whale - Julia Donaldson

Week 5: Commotion in the Ocean - Giles Andreae

Week 6: Tiddler -Julia Donaldson

Week 7: Sharing a Shell - Julia Donaldson

“Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

As we begin learning all about our oceans we read a text called "Somebody swallowed Stanley". Stanley is a poor carrier bag that doesn't end up in the right place at all, instead, he was swallowed by animals and caused all sorts of havoc! In the end, he ends up being recycled into a kite for a little boy to play with. We learned all about how we dispose of our rubbish and why it is important to do so responsibly! We did a fun science experiment sorting lots of materials out using our magnets so we could dispose of them accordingly, then explored the school for magnetic and non-magnetic objects.

We then moved on to look at some of the creatures living in our waters. We read the story of the rainbow fish and learned a lot about being kind to others and not only making them feel valued but then feeling happy ourselves. We also built an underwater cave that we used our senses to explore and wonder what it might be like at the bottom of the ocean.

We read Barry the fish with fingers on our sports day week and talked about all of our favourite things to play and do. We looked at what our favourite sports were and talked about trying our best at everything we do because that is all anyone can ever ask! Remember our school motto work hard, be kind. We had our sports day on Thursday and enjoyed every minute. Click here to go to our Sports Day gallery

August 2022


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