Spring Term

History: Which invaders had the biggest impact on Britain?

We will be learning all about the different people who have invaded the British Isles throughout our history.

Our Key Questions:

  • Why have different people through history invaded Great Britain?
  • When was Great Britain invaded? (When did Romans/ Saxons/ Vikings invade?)
  • Where did Romans/ Saxons/ Vikings come from?
  • How did Romans/ Saxons/ Vikings invade Great Britain?
  • What was life like in Roman/ Saxon/ Viking Britain? How were they similar and different?
  • What were Romans/ Saxons/ Vikings beliefs?
  • How did the different invasions affect Great Britain? (What impact have Romans/ Saxons/ Vikings had on Great Britain?)
  • How do the historic invasions affect life in Great Britain today?
  • Which invaders had the biggest impact on British society?

Geography: How does China’s geography contribute to its power?

We will be finding out about China's physical geographical features, and the impact they have had on its economy.

Our Key Questions:

  • Where is China? Which continent is it in?
  • What are the main cities in China and where are they?
  • What are the key physical geographical features in China? Where are they?
  • What are the key human geographical features in China? Where are they?
  • How and why is China the world’s leading economy?


We will be learning about different states of matter.

Our key questions:

  • What are the states of matter?
  • How are the states of matter different?
  • How does heating and cooling affect states of matter?
  • What is water called in its different states?
  • What is the water cycle?

Goldcrest (Year 4)

August 2022


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