Welcome to Year 6

My name is Mrs Thornhill and Goldcrest's Class Teacher.

In Year 6 we have high expectations and it is fantastic to see each child rising to the challenge! More importantly though, we also aim to have fun whilst we learn.

We have recently introduced a new creative curriculum. Throughout Autumn we will be answering the question: Why Are There Wars? We will begin by investigating events within World War II, before moving to look at more present day conflicts around the globe. At the end of the term, children will present their findings (which will be expressed through artwork, literacy and history work) through an exhibition at Warsop Library. We would love for you to visit!

In maths, we will begin by reinforcing out knowledge of number and place value, before moving on to explore our understanding of the 4 operations. We have introduced an additional 20 minute lesson each day, which focuses on mental recall..

This Week

Week beginning 9th October

Over the past 4 weeks year 6 have been busy researching events in World War II and evaluating how reliable our secondary sources have been. Today we were lucky enough to be visited by 4 members of The Royal British Legion, who shared personal experiences of being a child in WW II and also told us about being stationed overseas for our armed forces. This afternoon was a fantastic success, with children gaining first hand information!

Week beginning 11th September

‚ÄčThis week we will be beginning our creative curriculum, by starting to look at the question: Why are there wars? This will involve identifying and organising key events in WWII and investigating the work of Lowry.

On Friday, Goldcrest will be visiting Warsop library to exchange any of their existing books and also to being their research into WWII.

Week beginning 4th September

A huge welcome to the new year 6 pupils! Both Mrs Coverley and I are extremely excited about the year ahead. We can't wait to get to know each of you and work with you throughout the year. This week we will be completing several activities getting to know each other and highlighting expectations both within the classroom and playground.

We will also be reading The Witches as a class text to celebrate Roald Dahl day. Who will be able to create the most imaginative character description?

If any parents or carers have any questions about any of the the work we are completing or would simply like more information, you're more than welcome to pop in for a chat.

Mrs Thornhill


Year 6 have English and Maths homework every week. This is set on a Thursday and children have until the following Tuesday to hand it in. This work is compulsory and must be completed.

Homework each week links closely to work that has been completed in class, therefore children should be able to complete this independently at home. By completing homework, children are revisiting and therefore consolidating previous learning, which is vital for progress to be made. If children have any problems, myself and Mrs Coverley are always available at break times and at lunch to go through it with them.

In addition to Maths and English homework, we also strongly encourage children to read at home at least 3 times a week. Each time they have read, please sign their reading diary as children will then be able to work towards various prizes.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Thornhill

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