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Siskin's School Closure Gallery

I will upload examples on to this page of all the wonderful work that you are sharing with me during this period of school closure.

Read William's amazing advert below...

How to become a top spy!

Are you interested in being a top spy? Follow these steps and you'll be the most bewildering spy out there!

First off, you need a team. Get a team you trust so you can help each over to be at the top of your game! You also need a base. Make this base very confidential so you can think your fascinating ideas up without bother. A perfect spy goes in depth with with his clothes, for example James Bond wheres a suit! Invest your time into the mission and pick out the clothes suitable.

It's impossible to become the finest spy without gadgets. You could use Agent Liberty's Ear Piece X AE A-Xii or Phoenix Moonraker's Spy-Car 2000, or you can just go online and find one that fits you! The top spies also recommend you having nicknames so your foes don't know who your talking to.

Now, put these all together with some enthusiasm and you will be guaranteed to be one stunning spy!

Pau with his baby pigeon: Max

Caine has been remembering the importance of keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air.

William's olive wreath crown.

Click here to read William's version of Percy's next quest...

Click here to read Riley's story: The Quest

Click here to read Riley's free writing story: Asleep

Cameron's Medusa drawing.

Lexie's work on Greek cuisine.

Owdin having fun with crystals and an exploding volcano!

Click here to read about Laila's science investigation.

Laila's VE Day booklet.

William's work on the Greek alphabet.

Lexie's Greek shield.

Click here to read Cameron's research about Greek shields.

Some of Matthew's Ancient Greece topic work.

Some examples of Owdin's super English work.

Click here to read William's work on the Ancient Greek Olympic Events

Maddie's poster about ancient Greece.

Kady's fabulous Greek vase made from Mandala pieces and a piece of wonderful artwork depicting the importance of fair trade and a fair wage for all.

Caine and Alex Wilson's informative Athena fact file.

Owdin engrossed in The Lightning Thief!

Click here to read Cameron's super work on The Parthenon

Some examples of Owdin's super home learning!

Click here to read William's detailed fact file about Athena

Lexie's work on the Olympian Gods and her name translated using the Greek alphabet.

Our very own Greek goddesses!

Caine has been busy learning about the Greek origins of some of the words we use today.

Riley's Greek vase and shield.

Click here to read William's work on art work during Ancient Greek times.

Riley's Zeus Fact File - Click Here

Matthew's cats have been busy helping him with his work!

Lochllaine's excellent graphic based on Chapter two of The Lightning Thief!

William solved the Countdown Challenges!

Click here to see his solutions!

Some of Kady's excellent maths work.

Some examples of Maddie's super home learning.

Congratulations to Pau for completing level 4 on guitar!

Billy has been busy gardening!

Look at this amazing NHS rainbow and Frontline Hero bear that have been crocheted by William's very talented mum!

Laila's spectacular array of 'Flat Lay' photography.

Here is Riley's wonderful example of 'Flat Lay' photography: The Abandoned House

Lexie's creative 'Flat Lay' entitled:'The World of Disney.

William's inventive 'Flat Lay' photography: Healthy Vs Unhealthy

Maddie's thoughtful 'Flat Lay' creation!

Here is Billy's letter that he wrote to his postman. What an incredibly thoughtful act of kindness! His family have also written some words of positivity and thanks to the employees in the local Co-op. Thank you to the Hume family!

Cameron had fun using the ChatterPix App!

We had great fun undertaking our refraction investigation!

William solved yesterday's maths challenge and even remembered that BODMAS was required to solve the final part!

Well done to Lochllaine (and his auntie) for getting the most correct answer on our emoji challenge! It was great to see Adam offer peer support via email too.

Click here to read William's informative fact file about April Fool's Day.

Our Alphabet Plate Challenge Entries!

Well done to Mrs Watson (Miss Watson's mum), William, Lexie, Krystian and Riley for completing the challenge!

Adam working very studiously at his bedroom desk!

Owdin busy working!

Maddie's beautifully presented English and Topic work:

William persevered and solved Friday's maths challenge:

8 and 3 are factors of 24

4/5 of 90=72

16 is a square number

Lochllaine's impressive zentangle artwork and 'happiness rainbow'.

A big shout-out to Krystian who achieved full marks on his spelling test on Friday!

Riley's Powerpoint about The Queen

Pau's Word of The Day work:

William's dairy entry based on The Vacation writing task:

Dear Diary,
I am on vacation and it hasn't been the best, we brought Hulk along and what a bad idea that was! Even the most tiny bit of annoyance sets him off. Anyway, the other heroes are nice, not Nick Fury though, he is so bossy! I am great friends with Thor, I watched him do hammer throwing and he watched me do long jump, it was fun! Anyway, lets see what carnage we create tomorrow.

Scarlett's graffiti tag:

Scarlett's Banksy Work

Lexie's amazing fact file about The Queen:

Lexie's impressive graffiti tag:

Super contextualised spelling word from William:

Men grow facial hair. The building suffered only superficial damage. Negotiations were at a crucial stage. Her skin glowed in the artificial light. Essentially, they are amateurs.
Newly available oil might potentially create a drop in prices. Her work is influential in feminist psychology. Don't look in their, that is confidential information. The beneficial effect on the economy. You can occupy my flat since I am moving out.

Excellent ratio work from Caine:

Laila's Super English Work

Cameron's fantastic Fluent In Five work:

Riley's marvellous micro-organisms Powerpoint

Caine's super English work:

Matthew's informative Powerpoint about The Crimean War

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