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WC 30/3/20

Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday Everyone! Well done for making it to the Easter Holidays, you have worked so hard at home these last two weeks!

Here are your last few jobs before the Easter Holidays begin...

Arithmetic Test

Please get an adult to test you on these questions. You can email me your score!

  1. 24 + 15 =
  2. 1 more than 36 is ....
  3. Double 8
  4. 9 + ? = 20
  5. 28 - 13 =
  6. 1 less than 28 is ...
  7. 5 x 2 =
  8. 5 + 5 + 8 =
  9. Half of 16
  10. 10 x 10 =

Maths -

Read the scales and write how much liquid is in each jug?

Can you put the jugs in order from the least amount of liquid to the most amount of liquid?

Find 4 different containers of liquid at home. Order them from most amount of liquid to the least amount of liquid.

Problem - The class are seeing whether a 2 litre bottle of pop or a 300ml can of pop have the most liquid.

Eva says “The bottle will have the most liquid because it is bigger than the can”

Whitney says “ They will both weigh the same because they are both red”

Teddy says “The can will have the most liquid because it says 300ml and the bottle says 2l. 300 is bigger than 2”

Who is correct?


Please get an adult to test you on your spellings (numbers zero to ten). You can email me your score!

English - Grammar – Types of sentences

Can you write out the sentences using capitals letters and punctuation? Decide what type of sentence it is then put the punctuation on the end.


  • Sentences give information and end in .
  • Questions ask you something and end in ?
  • Commands ask you to do something.
  • Exclamations start with what or how and end in !

1. a rainbow has 7 colours

2. what did you have for dinner

3. wash your hands

4. what big feet you have

5. how old are you

6. my dog’s name is ben

7. how exciting

8. line up for assembly

Topic - Geography

Design a postcard with pictures inviting people to come and visit Warsop.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning!

Here are your jobs for today...

Maths - Volume

Look at scales on a jug. They count up in 100s as you measure liquid in millilitres. Can you pour 100 /300/ 500 millilitres of water into your jug?

Find 5 liquid items from around your house e.g. milk bottle, pop bottle, washing up liquid etc. How much liquid is in the bottle? It is millilitres or litres etc. Can you write sentences to describe your items e.g.

The milk is ___________

The washing up liquid is ___________

The ________ and __________ have the same amount

of liquid.

The ____________ has the most liquid.

The ____________ has the least liquid.

Problem - Mrs Evans says "I’m thinking of an container. It is more liquid than a can 300 millilitres, but has less liquid than a bottle of pop at 2 litres." What containers could Mrs Evans be thinking of? Prove it. How many containers can you find that are between 300ml and 2l?

English - Writing Postcards using time connectives

As you practiced using time connectives yesterday in instructions, today you are going to use them in a diary.

I would like you to write a postcard to Katie Morag telling her everything you have been up to today or this week.

Think about using:

  • Time connectives
  • Capital letters and full stops.
  • You could use different types of sentences in your postcards e.g. statements, questions, exclamations.

Here is an example to help you:

To Katie

The weather here is beautiful and sunny. What is the weather like in Struay?

What a busy day I’ve had! I have been so busy completing all my work whilst school has been closed due to the coronavirus. First I got up and had my tasty, crunchy cornflakes and then I got dressed into my clean, soft clothes. Next I completed the Joe Wick’s Workout. How exhausting! Have you been doing the Joe Wicks workout? After that I did my Maths and English jobs for the day. In the Afternoon I completed my spellings, reading and topic work. What have you been up to?

See you soon

Mrs Evans

Topic - Geography

Split your paper into boxes and label the bottom and side like this:

In a box draw local places in Warsop, e.g. church, shop, house, fire station, school etc

Then write a key stating the coordinates for each place e.g.


Church C2

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Morning everyone!

Here are your jobs for today...

Maths - Comparing capacity

Problem -

English -

Time connectives are words or phrases which are used to tell a reader WHEN something is happening.

Time connectives can be used when writing diaries and instructions. Here is an example how to use time connectives:

This morning, I ate fried bananas for breakfast, then I had some blueberry pancakes. While taking the bus to school, I read my comic. Finally, we reached the school gates.

Can you use time connectives to write instructions of how to brush your teeth?

Topic - Geography

Can you draw a map of Warsop?

Don’t forget the shops, schools, church, The Carrs, and houses etc

Have fun

Mrs Evans

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Morning Jay Class!

Here are your jobs for today...

Maths - Capacity

Watch the video – Lesson 5


Problem -

English - Retrieving information


Watch the Katie Morag Story – Katie and the Seals Singing and then answer the questions below:

  • Where were Katie Morag’s class going?
  • What did Katie Morag dress up as?
  • If the children listened very carefully what could they hear in the distance?
  • When the children heard this noise what did it tell them about their island?
  • What did Granny tell Katie she has to do to hear the seals?
  • What idea did Katie have?
  • What did Katie write on the beach?
  • Katie has to be patient – what does that mean?
  • What happened to Katie’s message when the tide came in?
  • Who plays the Fiddle?

Topic - Geography

Identify Human and Physical features around the UK.

Look at the picture below of human and physical features. Human feature are things that are built by humans and physical features are natural features of the Earth.

Now can you sort the items below into a table using the titles human features and physical features?

Beach, Paths, Coast, Roads, Shops, Forest, Weather , Bridges, Rivers, Seas, Houses, Hills, Mountains, Farms, Rocks, Cliffs, Factories

Have fun

Mrs Evans

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Here are your jobs for today...

Maths - Capacity

Watch the video – Lesson 4


Go around your house and find containers that are full, empty and half full

Problem -

English - Making Inferences


Watch the Katie Morag Story – Katie and the Seals Singing for 4 minutes.

Just like we do in class I want you to draw a picture of Katie Morag in the middle of your paper and draw speech bubbles around her. Think about:

  • How Katie Morag is feeling because she couldn’t hear the seal
  • What might she be saying?

Spellings to recap on this week are:

Numbers to ten - zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Ask an adult to test you on Friday.

Topic - Geography

Think about where Katie Morag lives – Isle of Struay in Scotland and where we live – Warsop in England.

Can you create a Venn diagram to make comparisons of the two places?

Things that are different go in the two circles but things that are the same go in the intersection. e.g.

Have fun and don't forget you can email me everyday! I love to see the work you've completed and what you've been up to.

Mrs Evans

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