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School Closure Gallery 4.5.20

As usual Elsie has had a busy week. Elsie has being celebrating VE day. She made flags out of Aldi bags, wore appropriate coloured outfits and stood outside for the 2 minute silence. They also had doorstep photo shoot and all money raised goes to Nottinghamshire Hospitals. What a kind thing to do girls! Every week Elsie and Rosie have been clapping for the NHS. Elsie and Rosie had a Teddy bears picnic at home, and made a healthy picnic that they enjoyed eating with their bears. They have made a fairy garden and have been watching the grass grow because they water it every day. Elsie has been completing her work as well as helping Rosie look for tadpoles on their daily walks, as part of Rosie's work. Elsie can now ride her bike without stabilisers and she has covered miles over the past few weeks and wants to be out on it at every given chance. Well done Elsie! Also looks like Elsie has been caught in the act, taking a bite from Mrs Smith's apple!

Lexie has been completing the online tasks. She has been looking at our new book and practicing her phonic skills through the online games. She has been practicing her spellings and on her first attempt got 6/10, well done Lexie! Lexie has been learning about VE day and created a poster for our front garden picnic. Lexie has created her own science experiment of creating crystals. She now knows how crystal are formed, how to make them and where we find them. She has also created some pom-pom mermaids and has going on lots of walks.

Alex has been working hard on his maths tasks this week and even got 10 out of 10 on his timetable test. Alex also scored 10/10 on his spelling test, well done Alex! He has also been out exploring in the woods.

Wow, look at all this work Jack has completed! He has completing tasks from online and the home learning pack. Jack has also completed some research from the Greek activities. Keep up the super work Jack! Jack has also celebrated VE day and made his own bunting.

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