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Week Beginning 4th May

Thursday 7th May

Lets try something new...



Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday everyone, looks like its going to be a sunny day!

Can you write about an event at the Frog Olympics?
What was the event? What did the frogs have to do? Who came first, second and third?
What kind of frog won?

Word of the Day: Elderly


Tuesday 5th May

The last race is a tadpole race.
Why do you think they had a tadpole race at the Frog Olympics?
Click the click below for more another tadpole task!


Monday 4th May

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.

Start off by watching the video of Jessica reading the story again to remind yourselves of the book.

What is special about the words I’ve drawn circles around?

Can you find more examples? Keep listening to the story to spot the pairs of words. When you have found all the ones in the story can you think of your own?

Word of the Day: Medals


Don't forget the daily phonic lessons, the new Reception Class video will be on at 10am.

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