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Week Beginning 30th March

Friday 3rd April

Its Friday! Another week of fantastic work, well done everyone! Keep those emails coming I love seeing the photos of what you've been up to!

Can you write a letter to the Fossifoo telling him how pleased you are at the changes he has made.


Check back later for your Easter Challenge!

Thursday 2nd April

Happy Thursday everyone! Make sure you have a look at our gallery page, I'll keep adding the photos you send me. Remember you can contact me at mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk any time.

Thank you for the rules you wrote yesterday, they were brilliant!

Now that the fossifoo knows what he should and shouldn't do in the great green forest could you help him by find out how to look after plants? What do plants need? How could you let him know?


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone. The 1st of April!

Thank you for sending me your fantastic Fossifoo pictures yesterday, they were great and will be on the website soon.

Today could you make a list of rules for the forest? I think these would have helped the Fossifoo when he got there!


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Robins! Don't forget today would be our PE day so please make sure you join in with Joe!
Keep checking the gallery because I've got lots more photos to add today.

Thank you for your brilliant work on the Fossifoo. Today I'd like to carry with that today.

Listen to the story of The Terribly Greedy Fossifoo.

Draw an outline of a person like above. Think about Fossifoo and what he did. Inside the body think of adjectives to describe what the Fossifoo is like and write down how you know this on the outside. eg. selfish - because he eats all the fruit.


Can you make poster warning the animals about the Fossifoo?

Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is well and had a good weekend.
Don't forget our daily activities which are linked below
Today we are going to start looking at a new book. Can you look very carefully at the front cover and finish the following sentences for me. What can you find out from just looking at the front cover?
I can see...
I think...
I wonder...
Can you write 3 examples of each sentence.
Todays maths is linked to What the Ladybird Heard. A copy of the story can be found here.
Can you make me a picture of the Fossifoo? You could paint or draw or create it in any way you want to!
Don't forget you can email me everyday! I love seeing the work you've done and what you've been up to.

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