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Week Beginning 27th April


For Topic activities, you will be given a selection of activities to undertake during the course of the week. You may undertake these tasks in any order that you wish. Bear in mind that some will take longer than others to complete.

This week we are continuing with our whole school topic of Greece/Ancient Greece.

Here are your Topic activities for this week:


Phonics - Your child can now receive a daily phonics lesson whilst schools are closed through online lessons that are designed to follow the phonics program your child has been learning at school. From Monday 27 April, a new phonics lesson will be uploaded everyday, Monday to Friday, at 10.00am. Click on the link below for the daily phonics lessons.


The first of May!

Jesscia Ennis is a British athlete who won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics and silver in 2016. You can listen to Jesscia read the story below.

Can you answer these questions?

⦁ What did they give medals for?
⦁ How far could the winners tongue stretch?
⦁ What kind of frogs came to watch?
⦁ How were the watching frogs eyes described?
⦁ What did the frogs have to jump in and out of?


Good Morning everyone, I hope the sunshine comes back soon!


We know that athletes win medals at the Olympics for sporting events.

What do you think the sporting events will be for the frogs? Think about the frog facts you wrote yesterday. What would that make the frogs good at?
Here is one clue…

Word of the Day: Competition


Tuesday 28th


What do we know about frogs?
Can you make a list of the things that we know about frogs;
Think about how they look, what they eat, where they live, how they move.
Here are some frog pictures to help you!

Word of Day: Amphibian


Monday 27th


This week we have a new book. We are continuing to learn about the Olympics. Our new book is called The Frog Olympics.

Lets look carefully at the front cover.
What can you see?
Try writing 3 sentences like;
I can see a frog with a medal.

Can you write 3 sentences like;
I think the frogs are going to eat the flies.

What 3 questions does the front cover make you ask?

Word of the Day: Olympics


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