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Week Beginning 20th April

I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine during the Easter holidays and have not eaten too much chocolate!

On this Page you will find your tasks for this week. I will be setting daily Maths and English tasks but for Topic activities, you will be given a selection of activities to undertake during the course of the week. You may undertake these tasks in any order that you wish. Bear in mind that some will take longer than others to complete.

Remember, it is vital that you continue to read every day. I have uploaded all the reading books on the reading page, just look for your book band.

As always, I would love to see any work you have done. Any questions, I am here to help so please message me at mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk


Good Morning Robins. This half-term the rest of the school are finding out about Greece and what is was like there a long time ago! This might sound really tricky but I thought we could have ago too!

I've shared the table of activities that the other classes are doing incase you would like to have a go. I'd recommend trying to find Greece on a map and finding some simple facts about Greece. I think activity sounds good fun too.

Out whole school topic for this half term is Greece/Ancient Greece.

Here are your Topic activities:

Useful Resources:

Greece Fact File

History Timeline

Friday 24th April

Good Morning Everyone!


Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning everyone. Please keep sending your photos to me at mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk and I will put them in the gallery. The photos can be of anything thats you've been doing not just the work! Also don't forget to send in your happy music!


Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning Everyone, another sunny day!



Olympig is finding it difficult and not doing very well. What could you say to help encourage him?

Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Robins! Here is today's work:



Here is the trailer of this week's story 'Olympig' by Victoria Jamieson.

Watch the clip below:

Can you list things that you have seen the pig doing in the clip?

What sport was he taking part in?

How well do you think he will do?

Can you write sentences to describe what the pig is doing at different points in the trailer?

Have a lovely day!

Mr Cohen

Monday 20th April


Click on the image below to taken todays maths task.


We have a new book to look at today. It is called Olympig!


Today I would like you to just look at the front cover. Look very carefully. What can you see?

  • What you can see?

  • What do you wonder?

  • Predict what you think the book is going to be about and say why you think this.

Did you know there is an Olympic Games for pigs? Click on the picture to find out more!

Here is a short video about the Olympic Games.

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