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Week Beginning 11th May

Friday 15th May

Today's writing task...

Today's story and special requests!

Here is the video of the book most of you chose!


Thursday 14th May

Thank you to those who have emailed with positive feedback on the videos!

If you have any requests (not singing) let me know!

Wednesday 13th May

Your questions...

1. What colour is the princesse's crown?

2. Who burst the ball?

3. Why did the princess change her mind about sitting down games?

4. What did the princess do when she lost to the king?

5. Why did the princess like winning?

Which story would you like me to read?

Choose one and email your choice to mcohen@birklandsschool.co.uk

Monday 11th May

Good Morning everyone, I hope you're all okay.

Here's today video...

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