Phonics at home

Phonics game boards

Over the term, your child has brought home game boards which link to the sounds we are currently working on in Reception.

The game boards can be used in different ways to support your child’s phonics learning at home. The game boards are for you to keep. When using the game, please use the sound of the letter, not the name of it.

Here are just a few ideas;

Cut out one set of letters and ask your child to match them on the board.

Play bingo using buttons by calling out a letter sound and asking your child to identify it.

Think of 3 things which begin with’s’ etc

Play ‘I spy’ using the letter sounds.

Use a book to find words beginning with the letter sounds.

Put the letter sounds onto post it notes and stick them on the fridge/ going up the stairs for your child to read daily.

Practise the letter sounds when sharing their reading book – what object in the picture begins with ‘s’ etc.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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