Spring Term


This half term we are learning all about Our World and Animals. Look here to see examples of our learning.

The children have enjoyed discovering all about our Solar System and the planets within it. The children had many questions and enjoyed exploring lots of non-fictions texts, videos and photographs focusing on the planets, and specifically our home Planet Earth!

Here some of the children from Puffin and Robin Class are decorating the planets focusing on their key features.


Animals and their habitats

Under the Sea

The Great Race

The children have really enjoyed focusing on the story 'The Great Race' to support our learning about Chinese New Year. Over the past couple of weeks, the children have participated in a range of different activities including: dancing, food tasting and role-play.

Click here to see some Chinese New Year activities.

To introduce the topic of 'Growing', we have used two non-fiction texts to support the children's learning. Our learning so far has included developing an understanding of life-cycles (specifically frogs and butterflies) and the recognition of animals and their offspring. We have also discovered all about how non-fiction texts provide us with lots of information, through facts as well as through the pictures and captions.

We are so excited about having our own caterpillars to watch grow. Please click here to see us releasing the butterflies.

Oliver's Vegetables has continued to support our learning on growing. We have had so much fun growing our own cress, eating vegetables, finding out all about what plants need to grow, the different parts of a plant and their functions, as well continuing to watch our caterpillars grow. This all allowed the children to make some great observations during Science week.

Our final two weeks of Spring term have been very busy, including a visit to White Post Farm.

Our book to support our learning was 'Supertato, The Great Eggscape'. We have learnt all about Easter and how/why is it celebrated. The children loved all the Easter craft activities and enjoyed making predictions. The evil pea came into our classroom and tried to steal one of our Easter eggs. We spoke all about who might save the day!!

Thank you for your ongoing support. The children are making fantastic progress and we are so proud of them. We look forward to Summer Term.

Please use Tapestry to see more learning and achievements.

August 2022


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