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'Coming to England'- Floella Benjamin

Click here to listen to Floella talk about writing the book.

To link with our learning about the Windrush generation in history, we are reading Floella Benjamin's autobiography. We are reading about her journey from Trinidad to England, and then applying our knowledge of features to inform to create a biography about her life.

'Going to Mecca'- Na'imba B. Robert

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We have been reading about the journey of the 'Hajj' that muslims take to Mecca to link with our learning in RE. We then created our own non-chronological reports to display this information.

'Drum Dream Girl' - Margarita Engle

Click here for a read aloud.

We have been reading an inspiring true story about a musical pioneer called 'Millo Castro Zaldarriaga'. We read about her story in 'Drum Dream Girl' and then wrote a character description inspired by the figurative language in the book.

'A Little White Duck'- Na Liu

Click here for a review.

To link with our geography topic, we have been activating our retrieval and inference skills when reading about Na Liu's childhood in China in this memoir. We then created a narrative based on one of the short stories in the book.

'The Drop in my Drink'- Meredith Hooper

Click here for a preview.

We have been reading about the journey of a water droplet to link with our learning about the water cycle in science. We then applied our knowledge of descriptive features to write a setting description about the vivid illustrations from the book.

'Arthur and the Golden Rope' -Joe Todd-Stanton

Click here for a read aloud.

To link with our 'Which invaders had the biggest impact on Britain?' history topic, we have been reading about Arthur's adventure in the land of the Vikings and recounting his quests in newspaper reports.

'The Bear and The Hare'

We have been inferring the character's thoughts and feelings in this video to link with our learning on music and worship in RE.

'Where the Forest Meets the Sea' - Jeannie Baker

Click here for a read aloud.

To link with our 'Where and why are animals facing extinction?' geography topic, we have been reading this book set in the Daintree Rainforest.

We have written persuasive adverts for the resort in the book.

We have also written letters to Boris Johnson persuading the UK government to address deforestation issues.

'Demon Dentist' - David Walliams

Click here for a video of David Walliams reading an extract from the book.

We have been exploring this book to link with our 'Animals including Humans' science topic.

We have written character descriptions based on the one of Miss Root in 'Demon Dentist'.

'The Carnival of the Animals' - Jack Prelutsky

Click here for a read aloud.

To link with our 'Living Things and their Habitats' science topic, we have been reading and writing a selection of poems from this book.

Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a go-to document for a topic/ unit of work. Each one identifies the key information that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge.

We have developed our own knowledge organisers to support the delivery of our curriculum. Each one states the knowledge children should already know from the previous learning, new learning, as well as a list of key vocabulary with definitions.

Click on the links below for the English knowledge organisers.

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