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We have begun studying 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes in English. Here is some of our artwork inspired by the book.


We have been looking at the pros and cons of renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. We found out about different ways that energy can be produced, and one of the ways was with wind turbines. We had a go at making our own.



Do you know how far the World Record for the Long Jump is? 8.9 metres! That's this long:

We estimated, then measured it. Then we investigated our own long jumps. We didn't quite beat the World Record!


Last week was our first working visit to the allotment.There was a lot of rhubarb to harvest, so this week we have been making (and eating) rhubarb crumble. Yum!


Star Wars Day and some interesting visitors to our classroom! May the fourth be with you!


Congratulations to everybody in Kittiwake and Siskin classes on your fantastic performance of 'A Big Green Adventure.' You worked extremely hard!


Welcome back!

This term out topic focus will be 'Electrifying!' and we will be answering the question: How could the Earth ever be dark and quiet again? As well as researching and carrying out our own electricity experiments, will be learning about renewable and non-renewable energy sources.


What a busy week! The children finally got to dress up for a postponed World Book Day, and what fantastic costumes!

Also this week, we were lucky enough to participate in a Samba Orchestra Workshop-bringing the music of Brazil to Birklands!


We had a fantastic day Time Travelling at Southwell Minster. We learnt about baptism, first communion, some of the history of the Minster and all about the amazing work Christian charities do abroad.


Did you all have fun in the snow?!


It's Book Week and this year the challenge has been junk modelling!


We are all very sad this week as we say Goodbye to Miss Hammond who has been working with us this half term. We will miss her!


This week is Poetry Week and we have been working hard on our Year 4 Raps, and also learning about Kennings with Ian Bland, a performance poet who visited the school.


This term in music we are learning to play the drums! We are playing bongos and djembes.


Welcome back!

This term out topic focus will be 'Wild World!' and we will be answering the question: What's the most extreme place on Earth to live? We will be learning about the world's biomes and the plants, animals and people who survive there.


*** Request***

Please could everyone save your old newspapers and send them in to Kittiwake? We are going to be making papier mache in Art over the next couple of weeks and we will get through lots!


Kittiwake's entries for the Pumpkin Carving Competition!


We have been finding out about ancient Greek inventions that can still be found in use today. One of the inventions we have looked at is the water wheel. This week we had a go at constructing our own working water wheels.


Our ukulele lessons are now well underway and we are beginning to sound a bit more musical! Some of the other music teachers came to demonstrate the other instruments available to learn.

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