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Welcome back!

This week, following our Easter service at church, we have been inspired to make artworks based on the Easter story. Here are some of the results.


This week Kittiwake went Time Travelling at Southwell Minster. We took part in lots of interesting activities. We found out a lot about the history of different parts of the Minster and about the people who have worshipped their over the years. We also attended a workshop by a charity called Toilet Twinning, who build toilets for people in third world countries. To find out more about their inspiring work, please visit


This week we have taken advantage of the warm weather to go outside and spend some time producing observational drawings of the trees in the school grounds.


Happy New Year and welcome back!

What a busy week we have come back to! We have been investigating States of Matter. We have performed experiments to find out if gases have weight and to investigate the processes of freezing, melting, evaporating and condensing. We have also had some fun with a material that acts as both a solid and a liquid!


This week we visited the Savoy Cinema in Worksop as part of the Into Film Festival. We watched a movie called 'Ferdinand', which was all about staying true to yourself.


This week we visited Creswell Crags. The children took part in Stone Age art activities, made Stone Age music in a cave and tried their hand at building Stone Age shelters. They impressed the guide with their extensive knowledge of life in the Stone Age!


To support our work in the allotment we are working on the R.H.S School Gardening Awards. We are currently working towards Level 2 by learning about the correct and safe use of different gardening tools.


This week we have started our learning about the Stone Age. Following lots of discussion about what we already know (or think we know!) we have begun to formulate questions about how life was different.


This week was Science week and as part of our learning about teeth we have been investigating the effects of different substances on our teeth. With a little help from our visiting scientists!


We had some unusual visitors to the classroom this week as staff and students dressed up for Roald Dahl Day!


​What a great first week back! Everybody has come to school enthusiastic and ready to do their best!

Don't forget Roald Dahl Day next week. On Wednesday dress as your favourite Roald Dahl character or wear something yellow.

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