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We have an exciting half-term ahead in Year 3! We will be beginning with our third science week: Light and Shadows. The children will be learning about different light sources; investigating how light travels; explaining why some materials are more visible in the dark; how they can protect their eyes from the sunlight and what affects the size and position of a shadow.

Our English theme compliments this as our focused text, ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket, tells the story of Laszlo, who is afraid of the dark. We will be developing our retrieval, inference and prediction skills as we go on a journey of discovery with Laszlo. Will he learn to overcome his fears? The children will be rewriting the story as a play script, which they will combine with their science knowledge to create their own shadow puppet theatre!

Our first maths topic of the half-term is statistics. We will be learning how to record and interpret data using Venn and Carroll diagrams, pictograms and bar charts. Our other maths topics for this half-term are: fractions, using written and mental methods for division and multiplication, time, 3D shapes and money.

​Week commencing the 21st January will see the start of our environmental topic: conservation: whose responsibility is it anyway? We will be learning about environmental issues, how they affect our locality and what we can do as individuals to make a difference. We have lots of exciting activities planned for this so be sure to check our 'This Week' page for regular updates.

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