This half-term

We have another exciting term ahead of us in Year 3!

Our topic: Odyssey: A journey across the Mediterranean will enable pupils to develop a love and understanding for the countries that make up the Mediterranean. This will include exploring their geographical features, climates, cultures, languages and cuisines. Pupils will produce a page for our class Lonely Planet Guide to the Mediterranean to showcase their learning.

Our English work will directly link to this with our focus text: The Iliad and The Odyssey. Pupils will be studying the story of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, the love between Helen and Paris and Achilles and Hector’s deadly combat. They will also be exploring the perilous voyage home of the Greek warrior Odysseus: his struggles against the one-eyed Cyclops, the deadly Sirens and the six-headed Scylla. Pupils will be studying the features of journalistic writing and producing their own newspaper report. They will also produce a narrative poem based on The Iliad.


We have two exciting science topics this term. Firstly, we will be learning about animals and humans. This will include work on skeletons, muscle groups and nutrition. Our final science topic will be forces with a particular focus on magnets and magnetism.

June 2019


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