Autumn Term

The day an egg appeared in Year One!

​One morning we were surprised to find that an egg had appeared in our classroom. The children were very shocked and we spent the week observing the egg whilst trying to predict what may be inside. Amazingly the egg hatched one morning and we spent the day looking for clues.

Dinosaur Teeth

​We had great fun investigating the shape of dinosaurs teeth. We found out that meat-eaters had sharp teeth and plant-eaters had square teeth. We made models of dinosaur teeth and used them to make imprints in sand.

Our visit to Woolaton Hall.

In October we went to visit the 'Dinosaurs of China' exhibition at Woolaton Hall. We had an amazing day seeing lots of huge dinosaur fossils and we even saw a walking dinosaur.

We saw some fabulous smaller dinosaur fossils too

We loved meeting the moving dinosaur!

July 2018


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