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We have been excited to learn about On this page you can find out what we have been learning about.

Autumn Term 2017

We are really pleased with how the children have settled into their new class and have quickly adapted to the timetable and expectations and now the unit is beginning to run smoothly again!

We have enjoyed learning about worms and made our very own wormerys!

Summer Term

We have used our enterprise money from the PTFA to purchase raised beds, compost and seeds. We have already planted lots of seeds and are watering them everyday!

Mr Cox was very kind and helped the children put the raised beds together.

We have also started work on our mini beast hotel. If anyone has any drain pipe, bricks or small pallets they would be really useful!

Spring Term

As part of daily phonics sessions we look at tricky words, these are words that can't be segmented to sound out. We have been finding them in books.

Well done Max!

Fantastic Olly! You found lots of tricky words!

Super word spotting Sophia!

All children have been sent home with a list of tricky words, how many can you find?

In the final two weeks of term we have been learning about 'every day heroes' and the jobs that they do. We were very lucky to have Harrison's mum visit to tell us what is it like to be a nurse.

Here is Harrison asking his question "what do you have to do at work?"

Harrison's mum brought in her nurse's uniform for the children to see.

Our topic this term has been Superheroes. To celebrate all the exciting things we have done we had a special Superhero Day. We invited parents and carers in to join in the fun!

Reception Class have been showing their addition skills! Wow!

During International Week we learnt all about Albania. We were very lucky to have Mrs Zhuta, Dylan, Klarissa and Danjella to tell us all about their visits to Albania. We invited parents to join us and find out about Albania. We made flags, tried food including the amazing cake Mrs Zhuta made! Mrs Zhuta even taught the children a traditional Albanian dance!

We have been meauring in Maths. We measured objects around the classroom, each other using string and even Mr Cohen!

We have made a display showing how tall everyone is. Reception Class even measured using tape measures!

Autumn Term 2

During our topic of Festival and Celebrations we found out about Weddings. We enjoyed 'The Scarecrows Wedding' and made our own scarecrow faces by using lots of different materials.

As part of our group time we like to 'Squiggle while me Wriggle'! this is when we draw whilst listening to music!

We enjoyed building wth boxes outside.

Autumn Term 1

We had great fun at the Halloween disco!

We are exploring the new resources to make transient art!

Whilst enjoying our outdoor area we found a toad! The children decided to build it a habitat!

We have been following the children's interests. They have been finding worms outside so we read Super Worm and made our own Super Worms!

In our Maths work we have been on a shape hunt around the classroom. We found lots of different shapes!

We are enjoying of phonics sessions and have been building words using magnetic letters. We have phonics sessions everyday.

Here is the overview for our learning this half of term Curriculum overview Foundation stage 2016-2017.pdf

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